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How to choose the unique custom boxes for your brand’s product?

Ways to choose the unique custom boxes for your brand’s product

If you are going to send a package or a gift to someone or planning to relocate from one place to another. You will need custom boxes to pack your stuff properly. Moreover, if you are an online store or a packaging brand, you are using boxes to ship your products. Having a unique style of boxes on your brand shop to attract customers is very much important for your success. Boxes came in multiple material options. And choosing the best that fits your product is a big task. These multiple options are corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, mailer boxes, and many more. There is no debate about what type of box is the best. Because every other box has its specifications.

 Every box has its strengths and advantages. For example, let’s have mailer boxes. These mailer boxes are great for products. You don’t need a lot of carriage space.  These boxes are great alternatives if you don’t need So, it is up to you to identify, what is your preference. When it comes to the differentiation between custom boxes vs mailer boxes, you have seen multiple things.  

How to choose the type of box?

It all starts with choosing the type of box that you are going to need in the future. Boxes come in multiple options of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Therefore, how to choose a box is a genuine question. If choosing the shape of the box then cardboard and corrugated rectangular boxes are the best options. These boxes are sturdy and very affordable. Moreover, when it comes to boxing design, two chief types of packaging need attention. One is fully customized boxes, other is printed stock boxes.

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Fully customized boxes and printed stock boxes difference:

You can select to go the fully customized route, but maybe a printed stock box will fit your requirements. It’s always best to ask packaging brands for a talk. A lot will depend on your budget and the type of items you’re shipping. With a custom box, you can choose any size you want, add extravagant designs, fitted separators, and inserts, throw in some custom tissue paper, or make use of inner boxes to increase their security. In simple words, it is important to know that any brand is manufacturing these boxes according to the customer’s demand. You can have something different if you deliver what exactly you need. Additionally, when you design your custom retail packaging, don’t let the inside fold of your shipping box go to waste. Of course, if you want a complete box, you have to pay more money for it.

But a killer box design for your product packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. A few extra currencies per box can go a long way toward crafting a spectacular custom package. But not to worry, you can still bid your customers the finest unboxing experience even with more budget-friendly stock boxes. If you need a few sizes for your products, stock boxes can be the best option for that. Moreover, you can save money by only printing on the outside of the box, and using a single color. Also, you can add interesting elements inside the box to make it look elegant. By combining your branded inner packaging with a stock box, your budget can stay pretty low.

Get your desired design done:

Fruitful packaging starts with a fascinating design of your product box. Your company perhaps already has a logo or a particular color linked with your brand. Try to integrate these elements into your boxes or packaging. It will promote brand awareness and help customers remember you. So, whenever next time they need a box, they can contact you. There are all kinds of variables that can blow up the costs of your unique packaging. When considering your printing options, don’t forget to consider things like cutting dies, printing plates, and minimum orders. There is a thing to keep in mind if you are going to order boxes in bulk, then printing costs can be reduced. Therefore, it is important to figure out what you need, then order accordingly.

Think of a budget before making a purchase:

Not every brand has the budget to digitally print their logo on the side of their shipping boxes. But that doesn’t mean you lose all attempts at promoting your brand. The little things inside the box are important factors in adding that personal touch. There are other multiple options that you can choose in promoting your brand.

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Leave a note:

What about leaving a thrilling note for your customers? Or what about the impression of customers who receive your handwritten note? So, if you find one of those slipped inside your product box, that helps you take notice. A simple Thank you note can do wonders. It can make your customers feel special. Therefore, you can get as fancy as you want according to your brand requirement to attract customers.

Add stickers:

Using logo stickers of your brand is another way to promote your brand. You can even attach one on the outside of the box if custom printing is too luxurious. A common use of stickers is to lock tissue paper together. The cost of stickers will depend on the size, shape, and number of colors that you are using for your product. Stickers come in many shapes, either in rolls or sheets. You typically have more options with sheets of stickers, but the trade-off is they’re more expensive. That means you have to spend money on them to make your boxes unique.  

The verdict

So, there are multiple options for custom boxes in the market. Due to this high competition, you have to look out for unique ideas to increase the demand for your boxes. People will look out for the boxes that seem eco-friendly and can have an alluring view to attract more and more people.

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