Instructions for Regrowing Hyacinths from Bulbs

Instructions for Regrowing Hyacinths from Bulbs

Do you want to give regrowing your hyacinths a shot and ensure that your flower delivery Kuala Lumpur bulbs remain in good health throughout the year? The following are the steps that need to be taken to replant these plants in the soil.

Instructions for Replanting Hyacinth Bulbs in the Ground

After the blossoms have faded away, wait until the foliage turns yellow and dies off before doing anything else. The leaflets will continue to soak up the sun and store vitality for the flowers that will emerge the following year. It is not necessary to remove the roots because they will dry out on their own. It is distressing for the bulbs to have their stems cut off while they are still living.

  • After the leaves have withered and turned a yellowish color, you can remove them by carefully taking them out of the ground. If the leaves cannot be pulled free of the bulb without much effort, then they are not yet ready to get removed.
  • Place them in the garden just as the leaves are starting to turn brown and fall off. Because hyacinth bulbs have the potential to aggravate skin irritation, we strongly recommend that you handle them while wearing gloves.
  • It is not always easy to tell which part of a hyacinth bloom is considered to be the “up” end. If you are uncertain plant the bulb with the side that is flattest facing down. The bulb is intelligent enough to turn itself towards the sun; however, it may take a few more days for it to get to the surface.

These bulbs are hardy and may be grown in almost any environment, however, they do best in soil that is cool and damp. They do best when established in an area that receives only partial sun, but they can survive in full sun. However, just like many other types of bulbs, they thrive best in well-drained soil and dislike having their roots constantly moist; therefore, you should make sure that the soil has adequate drainage. After all of the bulbs have been planted, you should thoroughly saturate the area with water. When the plants are actively growing and flowering, water them as necessary. Visit the WhiteOnWhite site to send a birthday flower bouquet today!

For a more tropical climate

If you live in a region that does not get cold enough during the winter (zones 8b and farther south) or if you would want hyacinths to bloom indoors in the wintertime, the bulbs require to be placed in the following surroundings for 10 to 16 weeks. You will require an environment that is kept at an artificially low temperature, such as a refrigerator or a cooled cellar. Take precaution not to plant the bulbs around apples or any other fruits that emit ethylene gases; doing so will cause the blooms to rot if they are allowed to get too close to the source of the gas.

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