Bangalore’s greatest end of the week escape


As a traveler, you ought to count yourself fortunate in the event that you end up in the center of Bangalore’s clamoring city. Finding alluring objections inside driving distance of Bangalore, making the city an amazing base for end of the week outings the nation over is simple.


Bangalore is fabulous for travelers and nerds the same. All of these spots is a simple end of the week trip from Bangalore. On the off chance that you end up being an occupant of Bangalore, you are living in a fabulous second since you may effectively satisfy your longing for something new whenever.


The following are 56 end of the week trips you can do from Bangalore that make certain to get your insatiable craving for novelty or adventure rolling.




The view alone makes the one-end of the week venture out from Bangalore to Ooty Visit Bundle advantageous. Inside a five-hour venture from Bangalore, you’ll find the wonderful town of Coorg or Kodagu, a famous end of the week retreat. Normal excellence and peacefulness have large amounts of this spot. Coorg’s many dazzling attractions make certain to captivate you.




Bangalore to Ooty Tour Package is the one location that should be referenced while talking about end of the week excursions from Bangalore. This pleasant slope resort has been attracting guests for written history with its all chocolate, tea, and hazy scenes. Having charming weather conditions in all seasons is a reward. An excursion to this well known end of the week objective in Bangalore makes certain to leave guests with affectionate recollections.




We as a whole realize that end of the week freaks out of Bangalore are dependably loads of tomfoolery. While talking about exciting spots, we can’t resist the urge to make reference to Kodaikanal. Situated in the locale of Dindigul, Kodaikanal is lovingly alluded to as the “Princess of the Slopes.” Visitors to this area have all the earmarks of being spellbound by the area’s numerous beautiful attractions. While searching for a heartfelt escape near Bangalore, Kodaikanal is a strong competitor.




You can have a great end of the week excursion to Bheemeshwari from Bangalore. This beguiling wilderness stop is ideal for the individuals who wish to separate from the rest of the world while partaking in the quietness of their environmental factors. The wilderness lodges in India’s Bheemeshwari district are among the nation’s best. Among the top areas for stream boating nearby Bangalore, this is an extraordinary spot for a day of water sports.




Srirangapatna is a well known end of the week objective for guests looking for a verifiable trip from Bangalore. Among its numerous attractions are the Castle of Tipu Ruler and the Catacomb of Tipu King (Gumbaz). It’s a well known objective for Bangalore occupants to visit on the ends of the week.



Madhugiri, not a long way from Bangalore, is perhaps of the best spot in India for a climbing experience. Being home to Asia’s second-biggest stone monument, the region is visited by swashbucklers of all ability levels looking to investigate the area. It’s the ideal end of the week objective for the city’s gutsy occupants who are searching for end of the week gets away from near Bangalore.


Nandi Slopes


For those searching for an end of the week excursion from Bangalore, Nandi is a well known slope station with numerous accessible homestays. It’s a legendary ridge fortification with a long history. The mid year home of Tipu Ruler is the region’s most notable milestone. Paragliding and traveling are two of the most popular ways of investing energy in Nandi Slopes. This is the most ideal choice for an end of the week trip from Bangalore in the event that you’re searching for an area inside 100 kilometers.




Ramanagar is a shocking objective that can be arrived at in about an hour’s drive from Bangalore. The Ramanagara Rocks, made well known in the film Sholay, are the most famous fascination nearby. It’s an extraordinary choice for a modest end of the week trip from Bangalore.


The Cascades of Shivanasamudra


Shivanasamudra Cascades, which begin from the Stream Cauvery, are something truly amazing. The falls are at their generally great during the rainstorm season. It’s an extraordinary spot for end of the week family picnics. Likewise, it’s an extraordinary spot to go for an end of the week trip on the off chance that you’re searching for some place inside 200 kilometers of Bangalore.


The Falls of Hogenakkal


As one of the world’s most seasoned cascades, Hogenakkal Falls. Is a fabulous end of the week objective not a long way from Bangalore. Its waters have mending properties, and it is accepted that numerous diseases can be helped by an absorb them. White, smooth water crashing down the stones makes for a tremendous picture.

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