Chef knives sets

How to Choose a Chef knives sets

Professional chefs choose their working tools carefully, and their arsenal includes many models with different modifications and purposes. However, no culinary expert of any level can do without a Chef knives sets. It is the main ingredient of the so-called “tri-chef” (which also includes vegetables and a chef’s knife). Although this blade is considered more suitable for women’s hands, it is not uncommon for male chefs to choose this type as their main tool, more compact than the chef and more efficient than the vegetable.

Main Features

Chef knife sets are slightly larger than average. The length of the blade is usually 12-15 cm. A cleaver has a thick butt and the blade is wide at the base and tapering towards the tip. A raised heel on the base accommodates the movement of the hand when cutting. When cutting with this knife, it is customary to make a swinging motion.

Such a versatile chef’s knife is essential because it can cut and clean almost any food item, including vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, and herbs.

How to Choose the Best Chef knives sets for Your Kitchen

Due to the versatility and heavy workloads with Damascus steel cleavers, the selection of this tool should be approached responsibly. Things to note:

Blade material.

“Soviet” stainless steel is a cheap traditional alloy for making knives. This is where its excellence ends. Stainless steel, so smooth and flexible, won’t stand the test of work in the kitchen, and the blade will dull and fail quickly. books pdf download

It is very solid, holds its value for a long time, and lasts for years. Knives made of multilayer Damascus steel have high-performance characteristics, but such products are more expensive. In recent years, zirconium ceramic knives have also become popular. It is very fast, light, and highly maneuverable, but it is susceptible to mechanical damage and needs to be handled with care.

Handling of goods.

The practical handle is strong, durable, not afraid of moisture and high temperature, and does not deteriorate. It should be reasonably soft, not rubbing the palm, but at the same time should adhere firmly to the hand and not slip when exposed to oil or moisture. Good utility knives are made from solid wood, composites, and plastic. , and the Micarta interface.

Attention should be paid to the type of mounting handle. The stem should reach the end or middle of the handle. The most reliable handles are solid metal. They are like an extension of the blade, without any additional elements, nails, or glue. True, such knives weigh more than products with overlays.

Cutting edge

The narrower and sharper this part of the knife is, the less effort the cook will have to make, the smoother and cleaner the product will look, and the less need to sharpen those blades. Minimum sharpening angle – 15 degrees maximum

European analogs are produced with a sharp angle of more than 30-45 degrees. Originally, the Japanese model could have right or left unilateral sharpening. However, the latest models entering the European market are often awarded to both sides.

When choosing, also pay attention to the design of the knife – the appearance of the handle and blade. Some models have a coating on the blade or air pocket. These prevent the product from sticking when cutting. Our online store offers a large selection of multifunctional Chef knife sets. We are an authorized dealer, offer reasonable prices, and deliver our products in Washington and the United States.

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