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Liposuction means “permanent removal of fat” by surgery so you can get a shaped body. Liposuction removes fat from any area permanently. Do you know the fact that till the age of 18 years, the height of any individual is fixed? It means that he or she does not grow any taller. Similarly, the number of fat cells in the body is also fixed till the age of 18 years. Hence, subsequently, the fat cells can increase in size, but not in number.  So, after a certain age when exercise and diet do not affect your body liposuction helps to remove along with the fat cells. As the fat cells have been removed from that particular area.  The best effect is that new fat cells do not regrow, and the reduction after liposuction is permanent.

There are various techniques of liposuction, are there by which one can choose a particular treatment? Check below  Various types of liposuction in Ludhiana

 Tumescent technique of Liposuction

  • PAL or Power Assisted Liposuction
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction
  • Vaser Liposuction

 But the tumescent technique of liposuction has stood the test of time and depends on the weight of the body. The method is still considered the best technique for liposuction. However, you can choose any particular technique if you have any preference. There are various best liposuction surgeons in India by which you can get the desired treatment.

Results of Liposuction

In liposuction, you not only lose weight, but the method especially works to remove fat cells.  You also lose inches, and there is improvement in the contour of the body. With liposuction in Ludhiana, you can lose 4” to 6” or even more from your waistline after a procedure of liposuction.

The operation of liposuction is between the skin and the muscles with the help of anesthesia.   It is done with the abdomen or wherever the liposuction is being done. The vital structures inside the abdomen or in any other areas are not touched and done by the hands of professionals.  So, liposuction has no side effects.

Prime benefits for approaching liposuction by the best liposuction surgeon in India.

  • 1. Permanent loss of fat 
  • 2. Loss of inches
  • 3. Loss of weight
  • 4. No side-effects
  • 5. Safe and easy surgery

This safety and ease of the procedure have made liposuction a convenient and safe process.  It is the commonest cosmetic surgery operation in the world and these days it is done along with breast augmentation. The cost of abdominoplasty I s depends on various factors in India. It depends on the weight of the patient.  The cost also depends on the amount of loose skin and fat to be removed and the degree of tightening necessary. All these factors are responsible and decide the operating time and the extent of surgery. So, you can get this treatment done with the help of professionals.

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