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Engage with the Fascinating Style of Cake Boxes

If you connect with us, we will guide you throughout the manufacturing procedure without any cost. In customization, after describing the dimension of the box, there comes the style of the box. a box style greatly impacts the packaging. If you do not succeed in choosing an apt package, then it will not only endanger the items but also give a very unattractive look to the onlookers. Our packing experts do their best to choose an appropriate and trendiest box style to stand out your items. The preferable type of boxes for custom printed cake boxes wholesale are:

  1. gable box
  2. cake box with handles
  3. two-piece box
  4. cake box with die-cut styles and windows
  5. tray and sleeve box

You are not confined to choosing all of the above options. We give freedom to our beloved clients to create their bespoke boxes. Share your thoughts with our team and get blessed with a special package of your choice in the meanwhile.

Preserve the Aroma and Scrumptious Taste of Cakes with Customized Packaging: 

When selling bakery items, especially cakes, it becomes tough to choose food-preservable packaging. But we have become a pleasant experience for you. Our manufacturing material consists of cardboard for the production of customized boxes. Cardboard cake boxes are an optimal choice due to the following characteristics:

  1. Firstly, cardboard is 100% safe for the health of the environment. You can reuse the packaging instead of wasting it.
  2. Secondly, it keeps your cakes in their place, and its sustainable quality maintains the freshness and flavor of edibles.

In contrast, a poor-quality material will expose you to heat, moisture, and contamination. as a result, your yummiest cake will become an unappetizing product.

Make Your Products Visually Appealing with Custom Window Cake Boxes:

Custom cupcake boxes are the best source to advertise your brand’s items on the shelves of stores and malls as well. The use of windows and die-cuts showcases your items in front of the onlookers and gives them an amazing experience. Moreover, window boxes printed with appealing designs and intriguing prints distinguish your items from the crowd. We also add PVC sheets in windows to protect the object from dust, germs, etc.

Create Enduring and Resistible Packaging with Remarkable Coatings:

The main concern of the brand is the safe transport of items. They are anxious about the breakage of delicate food and bakery items. But the use of laminations helps create enduring packaging that immunes it to the harmful environmental effects. The details of coatings include:

Matte Finish Matte is the most expensive coating option. It is invulnerable to smudges and fingerprints. Its use provides a soft and smooth texture to the packaging.
Gloss Finish Gloss coating is not as immune to fingerprints and stains as a matte finish. It gives a shiny and glossy touch to the surface of the box.
Aqueous coating It is water-based and not as enduring as gloss and matte.
Spot UV Spot UV helps in producing luxurious packaging.

Why Choose Urgent Boxes?

Urgent Boxes has been supplying outstanding services throughout the USA for a longer time.  The provision of exceptional and customer-satisfactory services has listed our company among the top-rat packaging provider.

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