Manali from Leh to Manali Biking Tour

A brief overview of Manali to Leh bike route

  • Day Count Day Count: 11 days of Manali to leh bike trip
  • Take a trip during the peak months of June and August. It is snowy throughout all year.
  • Perfect for: Groups of friends or solo travellers
  • Affordable and adventurous
  • Budget around ANR 33,00 per head

Directions to Manali

Road leading to Manali

  • Manali can only be reached via the roads.
  • You may choose to drive your vehicle. It’s beneficial to be able to drive on hills.
  • From the main cities, like Delhi and Chandigarh There are daily luxury and local buses travel to Manali.

In the air: Manali

  • The nearest airport is located 50 km away in Bhuntar. The transportation option to Manali is as follows. From Bhuntar you can hire a taxi to Manali.
  • People travel from Delhi and then catch an express bus directly to Manali.

Train to Manali

  • The station for trains to Manali is located in Joginder Nagar, around 160 kilometers away. The best way to travel to Joginder Nagar to Manali is via taxi. For this particular route, there aren’t any online-registered buses.

The daily cycling route, as well as information about it.

Day 1 Of The Bike Trip From Leh to Manali | Manali to kothi

  • 14 km. However, this could change depending the location you’re staying in Manali.
  • Roads The entire route is good roads and the traffic is always on the move.
  • Biking trip starting from Manali towards Leh

Day 2: From Koti to Mahai

  • 21 kilometers
  • Kothi is at 2,500 m (8202 feet) and Marhi is at 3,360 metres in the air (11,024 feet)
  • Roads The circuit was comprised of three loops that were well-constructed roads that circling the entire loop.
  • Biking adventure starting from Leh to Manali

Marhi with sissu day 3,

  • Sissu to Marhi
  • 50 kilometers.
  • Sissu is located at 3,120 metres (10,235 feet) and Marhi is located at 3,360 meters (11,024 feet). Rohtang La (Pass), that has the highest elevation at 3,978 meters (13,050 feet)
  • Roads: Until Rohtang Pass, there are good roads. There’s a mix of bad and good roads following Rohtang Pass. The relief for traffic is following Rohtang Pass
  • Biking adventure starting from Leh to Manali

Sissu to darcha on day 4

  • 62 kilometers.
  • Sissy is located on the third floor of 3,120m (10,235 feet) and Darcha is located at 3,360 meters (11,020 feet)
  • Roads All of the route is covered by well-constructed roads that are made up of gradual uphill as well as downhill road travel. Open highways that have less traffic
  • Biking excursion starting from Leh to Manali

Darcha to zing zing bar on day 5

  • 21 kilometers
  • Darcha is located at 3,360m (11,020 feet) above sea level. Zing Zing Bar is at 4,270 meters (14,009 feet)
  • Roads The entire route is covered by roads that are well-constructed.

Zing zing bar for Sarchu on day 6

  • 54 kilometers.
  • Sarchu is at 4,290 metres (14,070 feet) The Sarchu peak is 4,290 meters, while Zing Zing Bar Zing Zing Bar is located at 4,270 meters (14,009 feet). The highest elevation achieved in the course of the day is 4,850 metres at Baralacha La. (15,912 ft)
  • Roads: Until Baralacha La, the roads are in good condition. After that, it begins to drop, close to Bharatpur. It is also necessary to traverse streams.

Sarchu into whiskey Nala on the 7th day 

  • Location: 48 kilometers
  • Sarchu is located at 4,290 metres (14,070 feet), Whisky Nala is at 4,600 meters (15,092 feet), Gata Loops summit is located at 4,667 metres (15,312 feet) as well Nakee La is at 4,739 meters. This is a lot of altitude (15,547 feet)
  • The roads: Every one of the roads are stunning with the exception of the downhill portion starting from Nakee La summit.

The 8th Day: Whiskey Nala to Pang

  • Location: 29 kilometers
  • Whisky Nala is located at 4,600 meters (15,092 feet), Pang is at 4,700 meters (15,420 feet) and the list goes on. The highest elevation achieved throughout the day reached 5,065 metres within Lachulung La. (16,616 ft)
  • Roads: This road is a rough road all the route. It’s dusty up to Lachulung La.

Pang to debring on Day 9

  • 51 kilometers.
  • Pang with a height of 5,059 metres (15,420 feet) and Debring at 4,835 metres (15,863 feet)
  • The roads that run that run along the route smooth.

Debring to increase the amount on day 10

  • 75 kilometers.
  • Debring is at 4,835m (15,863 feet) Debring is at 4,835 meters (15,863 feet), whereas Upshi is located at 3,480 meters (11,417 feet). Tanglang La, at 5,359 meters, is accessible at any time during the day (17,582 feet)
  • Roads: Up to Tanglang La, the road is smooth. Beyond that, aside from one small downhill section the roads are smooth.

11. Day | Upshi Leh

  • Location: 47 kilometers
  • Upshi is located at 3,480 meters (11,417 feet) while Leh is located at 3,524 meters in altitude (11,562 feet)
  • Roads The entire root of the highway is well-constructed with roads. The highway is quite packed, and congestion is a nightmare as you approach Leh.

When you finally land in Leh after a horseback ride and a feeling of joy, This comprehensive guide to Leh-Ladakh has everything you need to end your trip with a high note.

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