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Is the Desert Safari in Dubai Worth It?

Most visitors to Dubai take part in at least one desert safari tour during their stay. It’s a popular tourist destination in the city. The sunny weather, the golden sands, the sand dunes, the red dunes adventure, and the many exciting possibilities are just some of the many positives of this situation. Of course, not every journey through the desert is the same. How do you pick the most cost-effective safari adventure out of the many available? Is it wise to take a desert safari while in Dubai? 

About the Desert Safari in Dubai

One of the most popular day trips from Dubai is a safari through the desert, and there are hundreds of tour operators offering this experience. The tours can be customized in a number of ways, including in terms of duration, content, timing, and geographic focus. Whether or not to go on a desert safari depends on a number of factors that you should weigh carefully.

  • How about the evening? During the evening, most desert safaris will stop for dinner and a dance performance.
  • I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the kind of things that pique your attention. Popular add-ons to the trips include sandboarding, camel rides, dune bashing, and ATV rides.

I can personally attest to both the early trip and the nighttime tour. I took the evening tour when I was younger, and it included everything that nowadays costs extra, like sandboarding, ATV riding, a barbecue meal, and an Arabian dance show. When I was younger, I took this trip.

On a recent trip, I went on a tour early in the morning on a scorching summer day and did nothing more than the bare minimum, which included seeing the desert, dune bashing, and riding a camel.

Camel Ride

camel ride

The duration of the camel rides is usually rather short. You hop on the back of the camel, and for the next fifteen to twenty minutes, you ride about on its back as it explores the region. The ride is short, and it won’t change your life, but it’s still a lot of fun and a nice addition to the rest of the vacation.

ATV Ride

ATV ride

An ATV ride was one of the highlights of my very first vacation. The desert safari trip was well worth it just for the adrenaline rush of driving up and down those steep dunes in an open-air vehicle.

There is a broad range of pricing for going on an ATV ride choosing a tour with a lower total price may wind up costing you more than choosing a tour that includes ATV riding in the price of the tour itself. Therefore, if you want to go on an ATV ride, you should choose a tour that has a good reputation and provides this service as part of the package at no extra cost.

Dune Bashing

Most desert tours will include a dune buggy ride as part of their itinerary. A closed, four-wheel-drive vehicle will be driven up and down the sand dunes by your guide or driver. a similar experience to driving an ATV, but without the open air.

Regardless, it was a pleasant day, and I appreciated the chance to learn more about the desert’s scale and beauty. Remember to pack some motion sickness pills if you’re the type of person who feels sick easily on trips like these. Ralph takes medicine to prevent motion sickness, and it worked for him on the dune-bashing vacation.



Again, sandboarding is frequently included at no extra cost in all desert safari tours. Tour guides often take their clients to the top of a sand hill and then provide them with boards to use for the ride down. Multiple attempts at this were very entertaining and buy products in the online shop, but the effort required to climb the slope and begin again quickly wore me down.

Dance Show and Dinner

You shouldn’t miss the dance show if you’re the type who enjoys seeing traditional performances as part of a desert safari. Spectacular costumes, Arabian music, and stunning dancers are just some of the hallmarks of these shows. Most of them will include fire breathing or fire dancing at some point in their act.

However, if a day in the desert sounds more appealing than sitting still and watching a show, you may want to rethink your attendance. Diners can enjoy a traditional Arabian barbecue while taking in the show. The included dinner may be of different quality from one tour to the next, but it usually lives up to reasonable expectations.

Is the Dubai Desert Safari Worth the Money?

Buildings that are hard to scale, hotels that are too lavish, retail malls that break records, and high fashion dominate this city, which epitomizes the glossy metropolis. Dubai. Because of its naturalistic focus, the desert safari stands out among the city’s many tourist attractions.

Even though some parts of the desert safari tour could seem tacky and overly commercial, I enjoyed both of my trips to the desert. During both of my visits to Dubai, they were my favorite activities. We strongly suggest Desert Leap Safari tours in Dubai for their comprehensive nature.

They provide 5-star service and allow you to personalize your Dubai Desert Safari experience by choosing from a wide range of optional activities, such as sandboarding, a 4×4 dune ride, belly dancing, a camel ride, and a BBQ buffet. You may take a hot air balloon ride over the desert, go on a Hummer safari, or spend the night in the desert as part of these excursions.

In conclusion, yes, you should still go on the Dubai Desert Safari. On the other hand, I recommend looking into your options to choose a tour that has good reviews and includes the activities you want to do on your vacation. In addition, you may scroll back up and pick a tour from the activities we’ve hand-picked just for you.

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