Best trek of Bangalore – Tadiandamol trek

Overview –

One of the treks that beginners and even expert hikers in the Western Ghats talk about the most is the Tadiandamol Trek. Among Southern India’s trekkers, this journey is particularly well-liked. Visitors to the well-known hill towns of Madikeri or Coorg are also attracted by the journey.

You may reach the highest mountain in Kodagu district and the third-highest peak in Karnataka with the trek.

In the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Bhagamandala Range Forest, the Tadiandamol Trek is a Western Ghats trek.

You will pass through a variety of lush shola forests, stream crossings, and a blanket of gorgeous grasslands while trekking through this area. Along with this, one must experience the exhilaration of climbing Tadiandamol’s peak and travelling among the clouds.

Highlights of the Tadiandamol Trek

Trek to reach a height of 1,748 metres, which would require travelling 15 kilometres to Tadiandamol Peak, the highest peak in Coorg.

Enjoy an adventure experience by strolling through the trails of Shola forests, grasslands, and waterfalls.

With the help of a guide, experience the Tadiandamol walk and learn more about the area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to view the 40-foot-tall golden Buddha statue when you visit Golden Temple.

Overview of the Tadiandamol Trek Activity Tadiandamol, Coorg

Beginning in Bangalore

Trekking distance to Tadiandamol: 15 km.

Summit : 1748 metres.

Trek Tadiandamol Departure:

with transportation on Friday

Without transportation on Saturday

Concerning Tadiandamol Trek Coorg:

Embark on an expedition through the enchanting Western Ghats, which offers thrilling excursions for adventurers looking to see nature’s wilder side. Tadiandamol Peak is the highest peak in Coorg and is located about 274 kilometres from Bangalore. It also has the breathtakingly beautiful, emerald-green trails of the Shola forests. Tadiandamol hiking in Coorg is a great hike for groups of friends from work, families, and environment lovers because it rises to a height of 1,748 m.

Concerning The Activity:

From 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (depending on the pick-up spot you select), assemble at the designated meeting place and begin your trip from Bangalore to Coorg.

When you arrive in Coorg, you should get to the homestay around 6:00 AM. After you’ve had a chance to freshen up, you’ll start the 15-kilometer trek to Tadiandamol.

You may take in 360-degree views of lush landscapes and coffee farms after you reach the Tadiandamol top.

Take some time to unwind, and on the way home, stop at the region’s most popular tourist destination, the cascading Chelavara Falls.

Arrive at the homestay to enjoy a bonfire and a lavish dinner to celebrate the evening.

The following day, have breakfast before visiting Bailkuppe’s Golden Temple, which is home to a 40-foot-tall golden Buddha statue and is thought to be the largest Tibetan colony in South India.

Your lodging options for the Tadiandamol Trek include dorms or tents with sleeping bags (separate rooms for girls and guys).

During the event, eat some simple vegetarian meals to quell your appetite.

Getting There

Mysuru Airport, which is 166 kilometres away from the Tadiandamol walk, is the closest airport. To get to the base camp, one can either take a shared car or a cab from the airport.

NIFT College Bus Stand, which is 81 metres from the Tadiandamol hike, is the closest bus stop to the base camp. In order to get to the campsite, one can take a taxi from the bus stop.

The Tadiandamol trip base camp is approximately 7.9 kilometres from the closest train station, Karmelaram Railway Station. To get to the campsite, one can take a shared or a taxi from the bus stop.

Tadiandamol Trekking at its Best

September through February are the ideal months for Tadiandamol treks.

The beautiful foliage of the Coorg region will be in full bloom after the rains. The hike can be continued until the early summer when the majority of the trail is covered with a mix of brown and green. Compared to monsoon season, your perspective will be lot clearer.

Wildfires frequently occur in the summer. Because of this, hiking is prohibited at the height of the summer (April to June)

During the monsoon season, the area experiences considerable rainfall. Have all the necessary equipment on hand if you plan to do this as a monsoon trek. If you hike when the season is at its most demanding,

Visit Tadiandamol for these reasons:

Nalaknad Palace: The late 1790s saw the construction of Nalaknad Palace as a safe haven for the British-targeted Kodagu Ruler Chikka Veera Rajendra.

Trekking: One of the most well-liked adventure activities in Kodagu is trekking from Nalaknad Palace to Tadiandamol peak. The ‘Easy’ Tadiandamol treeking trail is around 7 km long and can be finished in a single day. Since camping is prohibited on Tadiandamol, hikers must return before dusk. Trekkers can enjoy beautiful views of the Shola forest range and its valleys.

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