For many people, magic is like a candy bar. It’s a kind of “impulse”. As you queue at the cash register, you’ll see rows of candy bars and spontaneously buy and eat one. If you weren’t staring at all the candy bars, you probably wouldn’t have bought or eaten one.

Magic is similar for many people. Something is going wrong in her life and there is no immediate solution. Suddenly they think,
“Maybe magic will fix that.”

So they fire off a question to a magical practitioner and forget all about it. When an email reply arrives back in their inbox, 90% of people ignore it even though it Zauberer contains valid magical information.


Because the impulse “do magic” was satisfied by sending the email, just as the impulse “eat something delicious” is satisfied by swallowing a chocolate bar. That’s all, it’s done. As a result, many people either think magic doesn’t work or that magic isn’t real. You think, “Oh, I checked, but not much happened.”


The problem of mixing impulse and magic
Pulse and magic go together about as well as oil and vinegar… they don’t. An impulse, by definition, is a short-lived burst of action that comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

Magic, on the other hand, is the art and science of intention and attention. To do magic successfully, you must develop the ability to keep your intention and attention on what you want for fairly long periods of time. That doesn’t sound very like impulse, does it? And yet the impulse is the door through which many people approach magic. No wonder people think magic isn’t real or doesn’t work.

What makes magic work?
So if momentum isn’t the best way to approach magic, how should one approach magic to actually make it work? It’s easy. Like anything else, magic takes practice. That’s why most people involved in magic say they have a “magical practice.” To be successful, magic must be practiced the way you would practice piano or yoga.

Magic takes practice, for while every single person on the planet is born with magical abilities, we tend not to use those abilities (called Spirit Perceptics) in everyday life, except on a very subtle level. Occasionally we may get “hunches” about something or experience “déjà vu,” but most of the time we don’t exercise our magical abilities much. So when we use them through the sheer force of momentum, not much happens.

To “practice” magic the way you would on a piano, use daily magical rituals that help you hone your magical skills and keep in touch with magical beings. The magical rituals don’t have to be complicated, and it’s even better if they’re simple.

A simple magical ritual for a magical practice
There are thousands of magical rituals that you could use as part of your magical practice and here is a very simple one to get you started. This ritual will help you practice your spirit perception, but it will not be so difficult that you will avoid doing it.

This ritual exercises both your ability to draw your desire into your life and your ability to “see” when something has manifested. To perform this ritual, spend five minutes each morning sitting still. Imagine a single thing you want to appear in your day. Whether you choose a green marble, a handsome man, or a rainstorm, choose something specific. Spend the 5 minutes of your sitting asking the Universe to bring this thing into your life today.

Oh, and choose something small and insignificant so you don’t overload yourself with expectations. Don’t choose “the love of my life” because that places too many expectations on you. Stick to the little things, like a blue bird or the hiccups… things that don’t bother you one way or the other.

spiritual sense

Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to this throughout your day. Often it appears in a form you least expect. Suppose you have chosen to summon a green marble into your experience. Depending on how specific you were, you might be standing on a green marble tile, or you might hear someone say the word “green” and read the word “marble” in a magazine. Initially, your attempts to use this ritual may bring you somewhat “splintered” results, but make sure you acknowledge all of those results and give thanks to the universe. Your results will become more specific over time.

If at the end of the day you feel you still haven’t “got” what you asked for, do another short meditation. Review your day and ask your mind for a “printout” of all possible events that might fit your desired “thing.” You’d be surprised how much this “printout” can tell you about what you’ve missed throughout the day. Your mind records everything, and if you examine its data carefully, you will most likely find what you are looking for.

Perform this magical ritual for 40 days in a row and record your results daily. Even if you don’t get any results on a given day, just keep going with the practice. This magical ritual becomes an anchor point of intent that will transform you into a powerful manifester. The whole goal of this ritual is to help you sharpen your intention and attention by starting with small objects. It’s simple but awesome.

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