Discursive Essay – Including Writing Tips And Steps

At the college and university levels, you have to deal with discursive writing very frequently. In such essays, you have to discuss details with the help of rhetorical questions. That is how, you can make your reader feel curious on several points. On each point of this essay, you have to target the topic of essay. Before writing this essay, it is better to learn about its steps. Therefore, this article aims to discuss some writing tips and steps of discursive essay. 

What are Several Types of Discursive Essay?

The following are two main types of discursive writing:

  • Persuasive essay: it helps you convey your feeling to the reader, which is more inclined towards the opinion.
  • Argumentative essay: it helps you discuss things based on factual and logical reasoning free from personal opinion. 

Which Steps are Necessary to Follow for Writing a Discursive Essay? 

Let’s discuss the steps of discursive writing!

Start of Essay

The start of discursive essay plays a crucial role in setting a proper foundation. The best approach to start this essay is with the help of a hook sentence which is relevant to the topic of discussion. If you start an essay with the help of a hook sentence, it works well to attract the reader and engage him till the end. Once you are done with the proper start of essay, now you have to focus on the designed problem of essay. 

Also, you have to make reader realize that the discussed issue is important for him by convincing him in an appropriate way. Apart from all that, there needs to be a brief discussion of arguments relevant to the study. Till now, we have discussed the aspects that should be present in an introduction. Now let’s have a look at the aspects that should be avoided. First of all, you have to avoid all stereotypes. Secondly, there should not be any generalization in this essay, but you have to be particular about every discussion. For having a particular discussion, you can design a hypothesis, which will help you maintain a focus on the central point of essay. 

Position in Essay

Here, you have to clear your writing stance, which should directly hit the core point of essay’s topic. In case of any confusion, it is better to ask expert writers working at cheap essay writing services.

Section of Argumentation 

In the explaining body of discursive essay, you have to present several arguments. Based on the number of arguments, you have to define the structure of essay. For example, there is one argument for discussing the problem of essay. In this case, you can use only one paragraph to present an argument.

Similarly, you have to focus on the evidence of argument. At the time of adding evidence, you must take care of two points. Firstly, the platform from where you are collecting data needs to be authentic. For example, you can use ResearchGate or Google Scholar. The authenticity of evidence puts a great impression on the reader and works well to convince him. Secondly, the author of data should have a positive impression on the writing community. These two points make your argument compelling. 

Also, it is preferred to come up with more than one argument in a discursive essay and present each argument in different paragraphs. In this way, it becomes easy for a reader to grasp the main purpose and comprehend the situation. Whenever you start a new paragraph, there should be a topic sentence which connects the current paragraph with the previous one. This approach helps you ensure coherence in the essay, and reader keeps enjoying the content. 

Contradictory Points 

When writing this essay, you do not have to write any personal point of view. Follow an appropriate approach and forecast the whole situation. 

As per the standard structure of a discursive essay, it is necessary to come up with contradictory points. The major difference between argumentative and contradictory sections is of direction. Whatever you discuss in the argument section, its opposite should be in the contradictory part. With the aspect of a contradiction, the reader believes that every piece of information in a discursive essay is well-researched. Also, this approach plays a significant role in making your essay appealing. After reading the section on contradictory points, there would not be any confusion for reader regarding the designed problem of essay. Ensure a perfect frame for justifying any claim. 

When working on this essay, you also need to deal with the location of arguments and contradictory points. Suppose, there are three arguments. When you write a paragraph related to the first argument, the very next paragraph should have a counterpoint. After that, you have to present your second argument and, at the same time, present a counterpoint in the very next paragraph. Lastly, there should be a third argument and counterpoint in the same way. Most of the novel writers discuss all arguments first and, after that, present contradictory sections. This strategy for writing a discursive essay disturbs the whole flow and causes great confusion for the reader. 

Another thing that makes the main body of essay effective is the writing style. Do not make a mistake in writing an essay in an informal style. The standard format of an essay demands a formal writing style and tone in the essay.

Second Position in Essay

Before the conclusion, you have to restate your stance and justify that you have achieved it logically. 

Final Touch 

The conclusion section should have a summary of whole essay. Here, you can develop your personal point of view with proper evidence and logic. Do not copy and paste the already discussed points but effectively summarize whole essay.

Concluding Lines 

This article has discussed all about a discursive essay in detail. Read and understand the discussed points to ensure a perfect piece of writing. The sequence of steps should remain the same and put great focus on arguments and counterpoints, as both of these are core points of the essay. I assure you; you can ace the milestones if you follow the same writing structure. 

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