Rockspace AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Repeater User Guide

Rockspace AC1200 is among the best WiFi repeaters of 2022. This user guide will walk you through all the information about this gadget from introduction to rockspace extender setup. All the necessary information is shared.

Place the Extender and Apply Power

Keep the extender in the same room as the WiFi router. Connect the extender to a power socket. 

What LED Tells 

  • First, if there are no blinking lights it means that the extender is off. 
  • Next, if the system is booting the LED light will start to blink.
  • Although, if all the LED lights on the extender are solid visible it means it is on.

Let’s consider WPS LED 

  • If the WPS LED is on it will enable the WiFi security.
  • In addition, if the extender is just in the process it will start blinking.
  • As a result if the security is not enabled the LED light will remain off.

Poor connection 

  • If there will be no light then it means the extender is totally off.
  • In essence, the connection is formed but the LED is red it means the connection is poor.

Best Connection

If the LED will blink solid blue it means the connection is now properly formed.

Extend WiFi Network Using Web Browser

  1. Form a connection with your extender while turning on.
  2. Keep the router in the same room in which the extender is placed.
  3. Now, connect it to the extension wire and power to the outlet.  

Increase Your WiFi Network Size

  1. While you try to connect the rockspace EXT SSID WiFi network.
  2. If you are using WiFi network manager on your client device.
  3. Hence, you can easily connect the “rockspace EXT” 

Ensure The Mobile Data is Off

  • If the client device has successfully formed a connection with the network, then the Setup screen will immediately get visible on your screen. However, if the Setup page will not appear then you need to open a certain web browser and now, type here to get it  back again.
  • Although, if you want to access the administrative interface, make sure to enter the new password in the password area. 
  • Make sure you use the password for the extender administrative interface. Therefore, you will supply it as an extender password. 
  • FIND  the actual WiFi network of your rockspace AC1200 extender.
  • Finally, choose the password from the password box of the previous chosen WiFi network. Consequently enter it. As a result check whether the rockspace wifi extender setup is exactly done. And whether the extender is extending your WiFi networks or not.

It might be possible that the SSID of the extender has changed. But, it will remain the same as the SSID of your network once you are determined to expand. When the website was demonstrating to arrange a list of WiFi networks. Finally connect to a client device’s new extender WiFi network.

Note: The expanded network password will be the same as in step 4 for the current WiFi network.

Move the WiFi Range Extender 

  • Unplug the extender and replace it on the other location, at the central point and rejoin it with the most fragile connection.
  • But make sure the connection you use, it should be within the range of the WiFi router. 
  • Once you insert the extension into the power outlet; just wait for a while to turn the LED light Solid Blue on the router, but if the light isn’t visible then try plugging an extender into a power outlet in the closest proximity to the router.
  • As in the earlier steps you were using a WiFi network manager to identify and connect a wifi client device, such as a computer device or might be WiFi device to extend wifi network or client device.

Ensure this however,keep the extender network password same as your current WiFi network. Hence, you are about to connect to the wireless signal repeater; just add the domain name; re.rockspace.local in your address bar rockspace wifi extender setup.

Fast internet is always a positive thing. However improving your speed on the internet might become more of an requirement than a joy. It’s likely that you’re thinking of buying an rockspace extender setup to boost your internet connection.

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