Boost the Image of the Apparel Brand with Belt Boxes Wholesale

At present, apparel brands are launching in large numbers. There is surging competition among companies to come to the front lines. Belts are one of the key articles of clothing products. It is wearable for both genders. Our custom belt boxes are a fantastic way to showcase your products elegantly in front of audiences. They look appealing in appearance and safeguard the inside items from external damage. Reach us at iCustomBoxes, and we offer unlimited personalized options to create a bespoke box of high quality.

Key Features of Custom Belt Box Packaging:

Customized packaging is advantageous for your brand in various ways. As for as the custom belt boxes Canada are concerned, their essential aspects include:

  1. Firstly, you can customize the box into any form, size, and shape following the dimensions of the belts. It eliminates the worries related the unfit box packaging.
  2. Secondly, these are cost-effective. Besides this, you can save significant money by choosing wholesale services. Shipping cost also reduces, and you can take benefit of discounts on massive quantity orders.
  3. Thirdly, they can work as the most excellent promotional tool. You can design a box with a logo and the entire company’s taglines to establish the brand’s identity. The company’s symbol is imprinted in buyers’ minds, and they quickly recognize its products in crowded places.
  4. Finally, our packaging material is of premium quality. The belt box packaging in these durable boxes prevents them from contamination and dirt etc.

What are the Trendiest Designs of Custom Belt Boxes?

The lengths of the belts range from person to person. Kids need small sizes, while adults require large-sized belts. We produce boxes accordingly. Our packaging manufacturers can create any type and design of the package as you request. Just make sure to share exact details regarding the width, length, and size of the products you will pack inside it. The most well-known designs of the boxes that we produce are:

  1. two-piece box
  2. widow belt box
  3. tray and sleeve packaging
  4. tuck front box
  5. display belt boxes
  6. box with inserts and separations
  7. box with hang tabs handles

We are not confined to just these designs. We offer free choice to clients so that they can let us know their requirements and let our designers do the rest.

Suitable Manufacturing Material for Box Packaging:

One of the most crucial stages is selecting an accurate manufacturing material. The production of boxes with poor-quality material gives a very unappealing look and makes delicate products vulnerable to breakage.

Produce High-End Prints with Offset and Digital Printing Techniques:

Printing of the package makes it more alluring and delightful. We apply digital and offset techniques to create stunning prints. Though both of these stand opposite to each other show outstanding results. Offset is a bit complicated and time taking procedure. You can hand-pick it for large-quantity prints.

On the other hand, the digital printing method is cost-effective and applicable for small-quantity prints. In digital, you also have CMYK and PMS hue choices. It entirely relies on the clients if they wish for one-color or full-color images.

Addition of Add-Ons for the Extra Protection of Products:

We have an extensive range of add-ons. We apply them at the request of clients, whatever they ask for. These involve:

  • hang tabs
  • inserts
  • perforations
  • gluing
  • ribbons
  • window cut-outs

So, we add handles that make it convenient to carry the box. the addition of hang tabs makes it easy to swing the boxes in the retail shops and stores. While cardboard and foam inserts divide the products from each other and give a fantastic experience while unboxing.

Leading Packaging Manufacturer: iCustomBoxes

Choose us as we are a first-rate packaging producer. We have been offering remarkable and 100% satisfactory services at pocket-friendly prices. Our company consists of a skilled team of manufacturers capable enough to transform your dreamy box into a usable form. Call us any time to place an order, as our customer team is active all day and night.

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