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Where is The Barcode scanner Used?

Barcode scanner price in Pakistan is use in almost every conceivable industry and application in the world.

  • Retail for point-of-sale transactions, marketing/loyalty programs, inventory, warehouse operations, shipping, and more.
  • Healthcare for patient admissions, bedside medication verification, lab sample tracking and tracing, shipping and receiving, document and record tracking, and employee communication.
  • Manufacturing to manage inventory, work in process, asset tracking, shipping and receiving, and labeling compliance.
  • Deploy warehouses to automate and improve workflow functions such as picking, warehousing, stock replenishment, and shipping and receiving.
  • Transportation and Logistics help keep track of every element throughout the supply chain, such as the distribution of goods, fleet management, and receiving and delivery processes.
  • Groceries for POS transactions and inventory for warehouse and shipping operations.

Barcode Scanner

  • Food processing from the manufacturing floor to packaging and distribution. Tracking and tracing requirements for food safety are constantly increasing in the industry. Businesses in the food industry must be able to identify when, where and by whom the product was receive, processed, stored, transported, consumed, and disposed of, and provide documentary evidence.
  • Field service applications for taking readings for utility companies, performing building, mechanical, and vending machine inspections, capturing and transmitting electronic signatures, managing inventory, and more.
  • Education that tracks assets, attendance, registration, documents, trace records, and employee communications.
  • The Mail and Parcel Delivery service check all encrypted mail (flats, letters, parcels) entering the mail flow and tracks these items with additional scanning up to the point of delivery. Scanning accuracy is critical to successful real-time vision.
  • E-commerce for order fulfillment, marketing efforts, packaging/shipping, freight, inventory, warehouse operations, and more.
  • Military for tracking equipment, supplies, identity management, supply chain, logistics, shipment management, maintenance and repair, and more.
  • Barcode scanner price in Pakistan Black Copper 8805: Scanner speed: 78 scans per second, Light source: 650 nm visible laser diode, Rate of wrong code: 1/5,000,000. In Pakistan, Fast solution Technologies are here for their customers’ needs. So, Fast Solution Technologies is selling different Scanners in Pakistan.

Why is My Barcode Scanner Not Working

There could be several reasons why a barcode cannot be scan.

  • low contrast. For a scanner to extract information from a 1D or 2D barcode, the scanner must be able to tell the difference between light and dark elements in the code. Low contrast can be due to the barcode being print on a highly reflective surface that obscures the scanner, or the printing ink not being applied/distributed evenly across the code.
  • Quiet zone violation. The quiet area is the area around a 1D or 2D barcode. This space allows the scanner to see the entire symbol and separate it from the surrounding markings. For one-dimensional bar codes, the pacific area is the left and right ends of the bar code. It is usually 10 times the width of the narrowest bar. The quiescent area of ​​a QR code is the area around the entire code, usually 10% of the code’s height or width. If texts or labels enter these quiet areas, decoding algorithms may attempt to interpret these items as part of a barcode scanner price in Pakistan or code, or they may have difficulty locating the code.
  • The reading position is not appropriate. Sometimes the results are not read from the physical location of the scanner. The bar code scanner has a minimum/maximum distance to allow the scanner to focus on the code/symbol with sufficient clarity. If you are too close or too far out of the scanner’s field of view, you will not be able to get a reading. Scanner angle may prevent reading. Sometimes the light on the barcode/code is blocking the reader. Scanners may also try to read rotated icons/tokens that don’t fit in the scanner. For example, laser scanners must be direct to scan 1D barcodes from a horizontal position.


  • Damaged or deformed. Bar code/code quality may deteriorate due to surface exposure to various environmental factors which may cause minor scratches, stains/stains, tears, and/or removal of codes. For example, moisture in water-based prints can cause water to form on the code, causing the ink to smear. The “locator style” of the 2D code can be corrupt into a fixed style, which does not allow the reader to interpret the code’s orientation and row and column numbers for decoding. This can happen due to scratches, tears, stains, or even chips.
  • Scanner settings. Many scanners provide the user with the ability to adjust user settings. For example, if a 2D scanner is not reading a QR code, it may simply be because the scanner does not have a QR running so it cannot read a QR code. Or your scanner is set to read medium-density bar codes and you are trying to read high-density bar codes.

Poor Barcode Print Quality

  • Use some background colors (low contrast between the bars and spaces).
  • Use a specific color or light black for the bands (poor contrast between the bands and spaces).
  • The bar code does not allow enough space to the left or right of the symbol on the label (insufficient white space). Missing parts of the bar code / Insufficient elements (visible bars and spaces do not create a correct code).
  • Bar widths and/or space widths are incorrect or inconsistent (wrong size) across the icon.

Are all Barcode Scanners Laser

Laser barcode scanners are the original 1D barcode scanners. They are fast and efficient but are limit to reading 1D bar codes (eg Code 39, Code 128, UPC) and have historically been prone to failure due to moving parts. Many of today’s barcode scanners are 2D barcode scanners. It is a camera-based scanner that works like a digital camera. Instead of using a laser, imaging barcode scanners take an image and use a decoding algorithm to locate the barcode in that image, then decode the data from the barcode in that image. Unlike laser scanners, photographers do not need to read bar codes in a specific way. Most barcode scanner price in Pakistan today are camera-based. The 2D imaging device can read barcodes on any surface, including smartphones. The Honeywell™ Granit line of barcode scanners is a good example of a 2D imaging scanner.

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