Wedding Cakes

An Exhaustive Guide to Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake will likely be the focal point of your dessert table. Many wedding rituals and customs have evolved or been abandoned over time, but one thing has remained constant: the cake. The cake’s significance in the celebration has ensured its continued popularity. Wedding cake is more than just a tasty treat for the guests; it also has symbolic and aesthetic purposes. What makes it so unique are the roles that everyone plays. This wedding cake article has all you need to know.

Shapes of different wedding cakes

  1. Round

Cakes made in this manner may have as few as one tier or as many as many tiers, depending on the baker’s preference. They’re a tried-and-true form that’s come to represent love and commitment for centuries, probably because of the similarities between their design and that of a wedding band. 

It’s possible that a smaller, round cake will be saved for the happy couple to cut, while a much larger cake would be utilized to serve everyone else during the reception.

  1. Oval

Oval wedding cakes, as the name suggests, are elliptical. They are aesthetically distinct from traditional round cakes due to their rounded corners. In terms of layer stacking, both symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements are possible.

  1. Square

The traditional wedding cake is a square box with numerous layers. To set itself apart from the birthday cake form, the square wedding cake, like the rectangular and sheet versions below, sometimes features other “traditional” wedding decorations.

Various styles of wedding cakes

  • Traditional white

The standard white wedding cake is the first to come to mind when thinking of wedding cakes. White icing was much sought after as a symbol of wealth and prestige when the white wedding cake, now standard practice, was initially conceive in the 16th century.

  • Modern

Nowadays, most cakes have smooth textures with flavourings like fresh fruit and chocolate. They are available in a diverse assortment of sizes to choose from.They can adhere to either classic modern design principles (clean lines, minimal ornamentation, etc.) or more cutting-edge trends.

  • Naked

Naked cakes are a form of wedding cake that omit the conventional icing in favor of the cake’s natural flavor. In its stead, there are multiple layers upon layers of filling, each of which is finish off with a layer of butter and a layer of moisture on top.

  • Black

In contrast to the traditional white cake, the stunning exterior hue of a black wedding cake, typically adorned with fondant, is sure to make an impression. The interior can be decorate with whatever colour and pattern you like. Dark-themed weddings or Halloween celebrations often feature black wedding cakes.

  • Monochrome

A monochrome wedding cake is often entirely one hue. It could have a varied colouration or a uniform colouration with a variety of decorative details.

  • Minimalist

With minimalism, less is more. Naked frosting, icing between the layers of a single-tier cake, or numerous cakes of the same flavour are typical examples of this style for wedding cakes. Real flowers and other organic embellishments are common ways to elevate the cake’s understated design.

  • Maximalist

The wedding cake goes all out with a variety of embellishments. Imagine stacked layers of vibrant hues and exciting accents. These can be mould into fictional locations, like a mountain range for a couple that enjoys rock climbing. It’s also possible that they’re so classy that they take center stage at the reception.

  • Floral

To be clear, a “floral wedding cake” is a wedding cake whose design prominently features flowers of any kind, whether natural or artificial. Depending on the flowers you use, they can be tailor to complement any wedding style. To create a harmonious look, you can coordinate your floral wedding cake with your bouquet.

  • Painted

The painted wedding cake is a new variation of the watercolour cake craze. The most striking distinction is that, rather than sticking to the standard muted palette and smooth surfaces, these items feature designs fit for display in a museum. They demand a skilled baker because they typically include elaborate designs or whole pictures.

You are in a better position to look at these unique designs for simple wedding anniversary cakes now that you are aware of what to demand from your caterer.

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